Improve your decor with cool country table lamps

Table lamps are extremely popular not only because they have a practical use but are also excellent as decorative elements. It is easy to buy country table lamps because most furniture stores have them and they are also available on EBay and other ecommerce sites across various price points. Whether it is an office room, bedroom or your average living room, any place can be made to look better with the right table lamp. In some large rooms where the ceiling is quite high, table lamps can be an excellent alternative to conventional lighting since they throw light directly around you.


When you are reading or writing it is better to read using a table lamp rather than conventional ambient lighting. It must be kept in mind that table lamps are accessories and are there to complement other furniture and style of the room. Country table lamps come in a wide range of designs and materials and you can buy different sizes too depending on your budget. You can buy a stylish lamp made of sleek metal or go for a cheaper plastic alternative, you can buy a patterned shade or swap it out for a simpler monotonic color – there are a lot of choices when it comes to lamp shades.

Country Table Lamps

Tips for buying the perfect lamp

Table lamps are usually not more than 30 inches high and it is important to choose the lamp height according to your needs. If the bottom of the shade is at your eye level you can be assured that your eyes are protected from the strong glare of the bulb and you can read comfortably. One disadvantage of country table lamps is that shades are temporary and you must buy a new shade that not only fits your lamp perfectly but also looks good.